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Refers to our Thinking Process, our nervous system and how we understand things happening around us.


Refers to our Language. The way you use language and how it influences you and those around you.


Refers to our Behavior. The way you organize ideas and actions which produces expected and unexpected results.

All About NLP
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  • Just heard about NLP and interested to know what exactly it is.
  • Heard a lot about NLP and to have an experience of what it is.
  • Never heard of NLP.
  • You are a seeker always looking out for the best Rapid Transformation Techniques to GROW in your Life.
  • You want to be the best possible version of yourself and live a life of growth and contribution.
  • You are one who wants to stand out in your profession.
  • You are the one who is seeking for excellence and growth.
  • You are curious about Human Behavior and want to Understand the Structure of Behavior.
  • You are an Entrepreneur, Home maker, Trainer, Coach, Student, Business Person / Corporate Professional and want to Learn NLP to Influence others powerfully and unconsciously to make a larger impact.

  • Achieve excellence
  • Use language in effective ways to empower yourself and others
  • Build Deeper Rapport and Influence others effectively
  • Clarify your direction of life and develop and unstoppable attitude
  • Overcome conflicts within self and with others
  • Become more creative and solve problems with poise
  • Get more empowered meet your goals
  • Powerfully breakthrough any fears and personal limitations that are stopping you
  • Create a life that YOU desire
  • Create a mindset to achieve the results you are looking for

  • History of NLP
  • Importance of Metaphors in life
  • NLP presuppositions
  • Power of Subconscious mind
  • Sensory acuity
  • Rapport Building and Calibration
  • Power of Subconscious mind
  • Representational Systems
  • Eye accessing cues
  • Visualization
  • Thinking Strategies
  • Emotions
  • Though Cycle
  • Traid of States
  • Aspects of Sub modalities
  • Self-Awareness
  • Association and Dissociation
  • New Behavior Generator
  • Perceptual Positions
  • Anchoring
  • Swish Pattern
  • Photoshop Method
  • Circle of Excellence
  • Meta model (language)
  • RAS-The Reticular Activating System Habits
  • Habits
  • Reframing
  • Outcome Frames
  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
  • River of Life
  • Rocking Chair Test
  • PERSONAL BREAKTHROUGHS-Transformation Journey

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History of NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP was co-created and developed by two gentlemen keenly interested in psychology, Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the early 70’s. It was built over the concepts of Hypnotherapy. Many of its concepts were derived from the work of Milton H Erickson, the father of hypnotherapy.

They studied some of the most outstanding Communicators and Thought Leaders and discovered the:

  • How People Learn

  • How People do things excellently

  • How Excellence can be learnt and replicated easily

Neuro Linguistic Programming focuses on how to use our mind (and thoughts) and language (verbal and non-verbal) to bring about a change in our programmed habitual behavior. NLP talks about Looking forward and is Outcome oriented

NLP is a powerful tool kit for making decision, building relationships, creating a balanced life, becoming an influencer, one who is able to manage thoughts and emotions, once who overcome depression, Anxiety, Stress and how you can remain always at the peak state i.e., high on confidence.

NLP provides effective and time-tested methodologies for exponential personal & professional growth. Once you have the tools of NLP, you will find it is easier to navigate the journey of life, being in a resourceful space and with more control.

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    “The greatest personal limitation is to be found not in the things you want to do and can't, but in the things, you've never considered doing.” ― Richard Bandler
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